Bitcoin mining machine evaluation A1 25TH/S

In recent days, many customers are interested in AIXIN A1, so LUCBIT will bring you an A1 assessment. 

The A1 is designed with a parallel double fan and front and rear double exhaust air, with an overall weight of 9KG.

A1 is designed as an integrated machine. Customers can choose to place it vertically or horizontally according to the frame size.


The A1 is small and neat, the air inlet side and the mining machine interface side are on the same side, the fan is removed from the air outlet side, and a honeycomb-shaped baffle is used.

The advantages of the integrated machine design are that the wire connection is reduced, the appearance of the miner is more concise, and the use and operation and maintenance are more convenient. The connection between the A1 miner and the power supply uses the clip connection design, and the controller and the calculation plate are still the wire arrangement connection.


The nameplate of the mining machine body is labeled with the model, computing power and identification barcode.


A1 uses two fans with a power consumption of 3.14a to provide heat dissipation for the miner. The parallel design can not only shorten the heat dissipation wind path, but also reduce the wind resistance and further improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the miner. For the sake of appearance, the fan power cord and the connection between the control board and the power supply are fixed together with ties. When removing the fan, these connecting wires should also be removed together, and then the four connecting cables of the control board and the force calculation board should be removed.


Compared with the previous 6-pin interface of each series of miners, the design of the all-in-one machine provides greater convenience in operation and maintenance.


PSU parameter


A1 is connected to a control panel to control the power supply voltage regulation line to achieve standard and low power mode mining conversion



Actual test:

Please note that although the official parameter of Aisin A1 is 25t, the actual hashrate that can be achieved is also different according to different batches. Generally speaking, it floats between 22-24t. Lucbit also tested 10 sets of A1 at the same time, with an overall range of 22-24.5th. The power consumption is between 2000-2200w.


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