Bitcoin mining machine evaluation Innosilicon T2T 29TH/S.

Recently, Innosilicon has released several models of T2T series bitcoin mining products on the market: for example, T2T+, T2TZ, T2TZS, T2TH, T2THS, T2THU, and SI and SII according to the factory batch.

Today's evaluation is the latest model of the Innosilicon T2Thm-29T P-SII, bitcoin mining machine.

The Innosilicon T2THM-29T is different from the twin-tube design of the brother model T2T-32T, and has been changed to a two-barrel erect design with a power supply integrated design.

(T2T 32TH)



The combination of power supply has changed from the back type (power supply) to the slung shoulder bag (power supply). At present, many mining machine manufacturers have changed the design to this way. It seems that the shoulder bag (side power supply) It is a popular element of ASIC mining machines.


The T2Thm-29T heat dissipation method has also become a single-side double-fan cooling air supply, shortening the air duct is conducive to rapid heat discharge.


The nameplate of the product name and model, the IP address acquisition method, the login name and password, and the precautions for use are attached to the side of the mining machine.


The control panel is still the same as usual, SD card slot, IP address reporting button, Ethernet interface, reset button, status indicator.


The IPset (IP address reporting) setting button usage method and function are as follows. Reasonable use can be easily performed for maintenance operations:

1. Press the IPset button for 1-4 seconds.

1) Send the IP of the machine to the "SetIP" tool;

2) With the "SetIP" tool, set the miner to a static IP within the specified range of the tool.

2. Press and hold the IPset button for 4-15 seconds, the static IP will change to dynamic IP, and the pool settings will be restored to the default settings.

3. Press and hold the IPset button for more than 15 seconds to switch the machine IP to static IP and restore the IP to the default IP192.168.1.254.

Reset method and function: Press reset to restart the machine. Press and hold for 5-10 seconds to return to factory settings.


A 6pin interface from the power supply to the control board provides power to the control board and fan. The control board and the power board are connected by a cable.


There is also a pressure regulating line connected between the power supply and the control panel. The miner can select the mining machine according to the site conditions, such as low energy consumption, balance, factory (default) and high computing power.


The integrated design power supply is not marked, the entire power supply is L-shaped, and the position of the wire interface is in the L-shaped gap.


The power supply uses a 10A plug, and the power supply also has a switch that is convenient to use.


The laudable part is the T2Thm-29T bottom mat, and the careful miners may find that the bottom of the miner has a non-slip mat that feels great during the racking process.


LUCBIT 1 hour test data.


LUCBIT 24 Hours test date.


After running normally, the noise level is 81 decibels, the power consumption of the whole machine is 2469W, the receiving power of the mining pool is 30.9T for 24 hours, and the power consumption ratio of T2Thm is calculated to be about 80W/T.

Note that the actual power consumption of each machine is different and may be greater or less than this value.


T2Thm uses a 10A wire. The measured wire temperature is up to 41.5 degrees, and the temperature at which the plug and socket are in contact is slightly higher.





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