Purchase Notes

1. About the Used miner:

(1) We will test the second-hand machine twice, and the last test will send video to you. Video contains sn code, time and background data of the machine to ensure that the machine is normal. When you receive the machine, you can check the sn code, which is consistent with video.

(2) The time is calculated from the signing of the goods, please complete the test within 24 hours. And the label cannot be torn off, otherwise we will think that you have replaced the internal parts of the machine. If there is any problem within 24 hours after signing for the goods, You can send the broken parts back to China, and we will repair it for you for free (we bear the return shipping cost)

Please note that refunds for any reason are not accepted.


2. About the Brand new miner:

(1) In general, because the new MINER is packaged, unopened, and not powered, we will only open the box for the customer to take a video with the machine SN code to confirm the integrity of the machine. If the customer has a demand, we will take a picture of the machine's operation. The screen contains the machine's SN code, background calculation data and time.

(2) All new machines have a quality protection policy provided by the manufacturer. Generally, any problems that occur within 180 days can be returned to the factory for free repair. Please note that LUCBIT does not provide any after-sales service.

3. About Transportation:

(1) The transportation time in Europe and Asia is 5-9 days, all by air.

Russia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Belarus orders shipping via CDEK(we pay freight and tax,also no customs problem) need about 3-4 weeks.

North and South America and Africa transport time is 7-12 days, all by air.

(2) Since customs and policies vary from country to country, please contact us separately for specific shipping rates and policies.


(3) We will take a video with the machine's unique code and date to confirm the integrity of the item before shipment. If the customer does not purchase the transportation insurance, the damage caused by the transportation will be borne by the customer.

4. About the Price: The price of the miner is calculated based on the price of Bitcoin. We promise that the price at the time of payment must be the best.