Условия обслуживания

About the Used miner:

(1) we will have technicians test it twice. At the last test, We will shoot a video with a unique machine identification code, and the customer will receive an identification code that matches the video.

(2) For all used machines, we will confirm the integrity of the items through video and customer before shipment. Once the customer receives the goods, we promise 72 hours any problems, send you new accessories for free, because the strictness of China's import and export policy, so we are sorry we can not give you a return or refund.


About the Brand new miner:

(1) We will take an out-of-box video with a date and confirm the unique identification number of the machine in the video. The identification code of the product received by the customer is the same as the identification code in the video screen.

(2) All new items are subject to the official warranty policy.