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Avalon A1246 83TH/S USED

Avalon A1246 83TH/S USED

Обычная цена $590.00 USD
Обычная цена $8,969.00 USD Цена со скидкой $590.00 USD
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Lucbit USED Avalon A1246 83TH/S

Product Description

Hash Rate 83TH/S
Power Consumption 3420W
Miner size 486×388×265mm
Miner with packing weight 14KG
company information

Lucid, Lucky, Lucrative. 
Brand LUCBIT® Started in 2017, Lucbit® hopes to provide clean and perfect product to every customer.
Since 2017, we have delivered tens of thousands of products to the all of the world.
Lucbit® has warehouses and cleaning test points in Shenzhen.

Welcome customers to visit our warehouses in SHENZHEN. 


Q: Product have warranty?
A: Yes, we provide after service. Please check our purchase note:  https://lucbit.com/pages/purchase-notes

Q: How long is the product can come to us?
A: After placing an order, we need 1 ~ 7 days to arrange the goods. Then send it to your country through the logistics method you choose. Air transport can reach any country in the world in 7 ~ 15 days.
Q:What is the process for second-hand equipment?
A:1. First, we will clean the equipment.
    2. We will test the function of the equipment, and shoot the test video with serial number and send it to the customer.
    3. After confirmation by the customer, we will conduct secondary cleaning of the equipment.
    4. we will use air column, foam and carton for packing. Arrange shipment.

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